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Dumor sheep mineral

Formulated to meets the proper vitamin and mineral requirements of sheep Nutrients Nutrient Min / Max Amount Ash MAX 75.00 % Calcium (Ca) MIN 14.85 % Calcium (Ca) MAX 17.82 % Phosphorus (P) MIN 6.00 % Salt (NaCl) MIN 11.25 % Salt (NaCl) MAX 13.50 % Sodium (Na) MAX 6.48 % Magnesium (Mg) MIN 2.00 % Potassium (K) MIN 1.00 % Manganese (Mn) MIN.

What I Feed. PROTEIN PAIL (free choice) DuMOR GOAT MINERALS (free choice) BAKING SODA (free choice) ALFALFA PELLETS (used when bales are unavailable) ALFALFA BALES (free feed) DuMOR GOAT FEED (4cups/goat) ROLLED OATS (1cup/goat) BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER SEEDS (BOSS) (1cup/goat) SWEET FEED (used as treats while milking) Goat Supply Stores. VALLEY VET. Apr 17, 2020 · I found this on "Dumor: Calm and.

Preferred Mineral for Sheep and Goats, Bag and Block. This mineral, formulated especially for sheep and goats, contains added Selenium, Zinc and other trace minerals. Provides the vitamin levels sheep need, including 160,000 units of Vitamin A, 40,000 units of Vitamin D3 and 150 units of Vitamin E. Minimum 6% Phosphorus and 9-10% Calcium..

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Feeding Barley to Sheep (AS1624 March 2013) Feeding Barley to Sheep. (AS1624 March 2013) Download PDF. Barley is a useful feedstuff for sheep. It contains a similar level of energy and higher level than corn. Barley is an excellent supplement to ewe diets during late gestation and lactation or when forage quality is low.. The DuMOR 3005888-206 Sheep and Goat DX Medicated Feed helps prevent parasite infection while providing your animals with the solid nutrition they need for strong and healthy growth. The sheep and goat medicated feed comes with 15% protein.

Safeguard is effective in deer worm and in the cases that I have talked with my vet on has been more successful then the rest of the dewormers here. I have several goat herd owners in my region that have fat heathy shinny goats and all they use is the safeguard blocks, however safeguard was not as effective as a dewormer in my herd.

Anyone have any results feeding Dumor sheep mineral from tsc. My store has a big overstock of it. I can buy it for 50% off.

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